2010-06-04 05:11:15 by MrCrapinson

So that last animation project is not going to happen. I gave up after Flash kept glitching out on me. I figured it was going to become a problem after I realized it was lagging my computer despite the fact that it was only a few seconds long, so far. OH WELL.

I'm currently working on some shit on flash that I don't think is interesting enough to get a decent score on NG, but one of these days, I'll make something I could consider... "complete". Even if it is short.

At the moment, I'm thinking of doing a rad animation to some music, basically creating a music video of sorts. Hope that goes better than my last project.

Work in Progress

2009-07-24 11:27:44 by MrCrapinson

Working on my biggest animation project. It's... gonna take a while to finish.

The character design can be seen here.
The storyboard can be seen here.
The work in progress can be seen here.